WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine Hosting Review
WP Engine Hosting Review

The Bottom Line
WP Engine’s best features are Security and Speed. With servers specialized for WordPress websites, WP Engine can handle almost every requirement of any custom WordPress site.

WP Engine is one of the leading web hosting platforms specifically built for WordPress hosting. It offers managed plans that are fully optimized for WordPress websites.

WP Engine comes with Interesting features such as in-house migration plugins, access to staging sites, SSH Support, and WordPress security management. Their business is in 140 countries with more than 120,000 customers.

Let’s go deeper in detail on what they have to offer.

WP Engine WordPress Pricing Plans

WP Engine offers four different pricing plans for WordPress Hosting: Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom. It has a risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee on these pricing plans.

This means you will be able to sign up WP Engine totally free. If you are not happy with their services, you can get the money back by canceling your account. Guaranteed!

All plans includes unlimited data transfers, a SSL certificate, and free access to 35 plus WordPress themes. In addition, all websites will be hosted on the same type of hardware, regardless of which plan package you choose.

So what does this mean? WP engine users who choose different plans are able to enjoy the same performance levels. Therefore, more than one website can be installed for an extra $20 per month on the server. The storage allowance and bandwidth will be shared by all websites.

Users can access support from the control panel for all hosting plans, including 24/7 live chat support. On a side note, the startup plan does not have telephone support. You must use their live chat support to get some help.

The Staging area, which allows you to make a copy of your website for testing purposes, is available with all plans. This feature allows you to make changes to the sites without interfering with the visitors of the website.

CDN is available for all hosting plans, which allow proxy servers to cache the static website content that speeds up the loading time of the site. Scale and Custom hosting plan includes custom server environments.

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WP Engine Startup Plan

The startup plan is the cheapest among WP Engines price plans, which costs $25 per month and provides 10GB local storage with 50GB bandwidth. I recommend this plan for brand new websites and sites with low traffic.

It allows 25,000 visits per month and offers a $60 discount for annual pay for the package.

See pricing and more details

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WP Engine Growth Plan

The growth plan starts at $95.83 per month, and there is a discount of $230 for annual pay for the package. This plan includes:

  • 100,000 visits per month
  • 200GB bandwidth
  • 20GB local storage
  • Up to 10 sites to be installed

WP engine Growth plan is suitable for a growing business.

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WP Engine Scale Plan

The scale plan starts at $241.67 per month with 50GB local storage and a $580 discount will be applied at the checkout out.

With the Scale plan, you can have 400,000 visits per month on your website. Furthermore, it allows a maximum Bandwidth of 500 GB per month while allowing you to install up to 30 sites. 

This plan is best for large Web Sites that require managing to stay organized. To give you a brief idea about WP Engine managed hosting, it completely manages the speed, update, security, and backup for the user.

Geo-targeting is another great feature offered by WP Engine that delivers different web content according to the user’s geographic locations.

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WP Engine Custom Plan

The custom plan is mainly suitable for mission-critical sites and large businesses. A nice feature with this plan is the fast response from customer support.

Furthermore, users are allow to have up to 30 sites with 100GB to 1TB local storage. The custom plan offers millions of visits per month and 400 GB bandwidth per month!

There are a few features that are not allowed in most web hosting providers, but WPEngine will allow users to:

  • move from the old PHP version to the latest PHP version at ease.
  • upgrading and downgrading of accounts.
  • control any PHP version, which records any change to files after uploading to the system and recall to the previous version at a later date. Users can make copies of them for testing purposes.

What you need to consider when selecting a custom plan:

  1. Storage Space –  Make sure you will have enough space for your files and future uploads if needed.
  2. Monthly Visitors – Estimate how many user visits you expect on your sites on a monthly basis.
  3. Support Dependency – If there is a technical issue, make sure there are available support services. 
  4. Number of websites – Each plan has a limitation for the number of websites to have. Make sure to check the number of sites allowed for each plan.
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Best Web Hosting Features

WP Engine comes with so many features that are not available in other competitive web hosting Providers. Some of its main features are discussed below:

  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • Manual backup for extra safety
  • Staging areas
  • WordPress migration
  • WordPress templates

Automatic backup and recovery

WP Engine supports automatic backup and recovery. It makes full website backups on a nightly basis. Each of these backups will contain the site databases, WordPress core, themes, plugins, site changes, and more.

Thus, if anything goes wrong, you can restore the full site with any of the back up available. 

Manual backup for extra safety

There are times that you want to create manual backups for extra safety and confidence. WP Engine covers you with an option to create a manual backup as well. These manual backups will be loaded on your WP Engine dashboard. However, you can download them and store them in additional storage for extra safety.  

Staging areas

WP Engine will give you access to multiple WordPress staging areas. It helps to create and test WordPress websites before it goes live on the internet.

WordPress migration

You can migrate your entire WordPress site over to WP Engine. You can prepare the site for the migration after creating an active WP Engine hosting account. For this, you have to install the free migration plugin on the existing site.

The plugin will do the technical stuff like downloading and migrating your databases, site content, settings, leaving you only a few small things to do. Basically, the only important thing you have to do is updating your existing DNS records to reflect your new hosting environment. Sometimes it may take a little time for the transfer to finalize. 

WordPress templates

WP Engine provides a long list of site templates that enable developers to quickly build sites for various types of services. Web development agencies and developers can save you a lot of time by simplifying the development process of finding suitable frameworks, templates, and plugins for a given website.

Site Templates are organized with best-in-class technologies, and it is committed to making life easier for agencies of all sizes. 

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Ease of Use

WP Engine has different platforms compared to typical panels such as Cpanel and Plesk. They provide Admin Portal specialized for the user’s hosting plan.

When users log in to the admin portal for the first time, they welcome users with an option for free website migration to switch the website to their server with automating migration plugin. 

WP Engine lets users view all WordPress websites installed on the account and lets you create a separate workspace for each website to keep them organized. Saved backup points for each website can be viewed. MySQL databases can be handled by using phpMyAdmin from Admin Portal. 

The staging area is one of the most popular features WP Engine offers, which offers testing of plugins and new themes without incorporating them on the live site. 

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Website Performance

WP Engine Web Hosting Review - Enterprise Performance

Customers are able to access the page performance tests from the Admin portal and check the page speed and load times by running a performance test. A score will be given by WP Engine that represents how well the webpage caches the web content.

The duration for the page to be fully visible to site visitors and duration it takes for the web page to start loading and time taken for the page to be loaded completely will be shown in Admin Portal. 

WP Engine gives necessary tips and recommendations to resolve issues and improve content caching based on the performance test results. Their technology is built on proprietary EverCache for caching WordPress, which is one of the most scalable systems.

This allows the website to handle traffic spikes. Serves that handle enterprise-level demand allow all sites to run four to six times fast compared to other hosting platforms. 

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Website Security

The security of the data is the most important factor when choosing a web hosting company. Therefore, WP engine offers the same and highest security measures for all the plans they offer.

They upgrade the WordPress application automatically when minor patches are released. In a major update, WP Engine’s experts test thoroughly before allowing users to upgrade. Customers are able to work with experts to upgrade the WordPress application pain-free. 

WP Engine provides real-time threat detection to prevent attacks using a special rule set for WordPress. This security system is able to identify malicious behavior and block it. 

For example, they are able to block XML-RPC attacks and Javascript/SQL-Injection and block identified IP addresses of spammers and hackers. Service level agreement(SLA) is the level of availability that the hosting service promises to provide, and WP Engine has 99.95% of service availability. 

To protect the user accounts of the same server from each other, WP Engine separate accounts in the kernel level and file system. WP Engine scene for malware and monitor networks continuously, and a firewall is installed to protect from the attacks. If any of the sites are compromised, They will fix it for free. 

WP Engine’s data centers are located in the US, UK, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Taiwan.

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Customer Support

With over 100 WordPress experts, WP Engine boasts one of the best customer support services. Its live chat is available for all users. However, phone support is not available for personal plans, while all other plans offer phone support 24/7.

According to my experiences, the Support staff is very friendly and has good technical knowledge.  If somehow, the chat agent couldn’t solve your problem, they will immediately open an internal ticket for you. 

WP Engine provide a support page that is organized into sections such as:

  • How to trouble problems
  • How to setup your web site
  • Tips on managing your account

Tutorials are provided in order to help customers to complete their task. In addition, chat support is offered for all plans. Phone support is available for all other plans except the basic package.

Anyhow, most of the customers are happy with experts available to support them in managing sites. WP engines are claim to have 97% of the customer satisfaction rate. Customers just have to request an issue, and WP engine members check on the website to solve the issue.

WP Engine offers a resource center that helps the customer to browse blog type articles with filtering options to get filtered by type of content, topic, or by the role.

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Real Customer Reviews of WP Engine from Trustpilot

Here are real customer reviews of WP Engine directed at their web hosting services. You can tell their customers really appreciate their hosting support and pricing plans.

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Do I Recommend WP Engine Hosting?

The most important features of WP Engine are Security and Speed. With servers specialized for WordPress websites, they can handle almost every requirement of any custom WordPress site.

WP Engine is popular for its expert support team who is very helpful with the customers. Therefore, that is one of the main reasons to consider them for your projects. StudioPress themes and Genesis Framework are free if you are looking to build your next venture. These premium templates have a value of over $2,000 and it’s at no cost to you!

So, overall, I recommend WP engine for large online businesses that expect higher performance and security measures.

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Reader’s FAQ

What is WP Engine used for?

The WP Engine platform equips users with a suite of site building and management tools for WordPress. Their platform is built upon WorldPress, the world’s leading CMS. They have partnered with Google, AWS, and New Relic to optimize their technology specifically for WordPress. Overall, WP Engine delivers scalable and powerful performance for WordPress-driven sites.

Where is WP Engine hosted?

WP Engine has servers across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and in the Asia-Pacific region. EverCache® is a custom cashing solution that reduces strain on your site’s resources. They support PHP 7 and HTTP/2 for better SEO, visitor retention, and faster page load times.

How much does WP Engine Cost?

WP Engine’s hosting plans start at $30 (Startup plan), $115 (Growth plan), and $290 (Scale plan) per month. If you need a custom plan, you can choose from one of their premium plans that starts at $400 a month. For large and critical websites, you will need submit a quote.

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Excellent Web Host That Specializes in WordPress Optimization

The best features of WP Engine are Security and Speed. With servers specialized for WordPress, WP Engine can handle almost every requirement of any custom WordPress site.

Ease of Use
Availability and Uptime
Speed & Performance
Pricing Plans
Customer Support
  • Excellent uptime
  • Good customer service
  • Real-time threat detection.
  • Best suited for WordPress Sites
  • Doesn't sell domains
  • Doesn't come with email
  • Backend is too complex
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